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Garden Fencing Northamptonshire

Garden fencing is often the most overlooked area when designing and planning your garden project. Even if you have invested a lot of time and money into making your garden look as good as it should, the sight of broken fence panels and rotten boards can really ruin the overall appearance of your garden. Your garden fencing is a barrier which separates your tranquil outdoor space from unwanted sights, sounds and even trespassers! It is only right that you invest in high quality garden fencing for your property.

Northants Groundwork Contractors have put together a team of garden fencing specialists in Northamptonshire who will design, plan and install your new garden fencing. Whether you require high quality fence panels in Kettering or close board fencing in Wellingborough then please call Northants Groundwork Contractors today on (01604) 781775 or 07858 888053 to discuss your requirements.

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